Sunday, May 02, 2010

A mother of a comedy

The other morning (a mere half hour after my husband and I discussed the merits of my returning to work in September), my eight-month old son wrestled me for the remote so that he could change the channel.  Before I could even react, he had grabbed the remote out of my hand and single-mindedly clicked to the movie "Mr. Mom".  It was the scene where Terri Garr is about to get into a limousine that will carry her off to a business meeting, leaving her sad children motherless until her return.  Soooo.... is it just me, or was that an excellent example of the universe smacking me across the face with a cold fish? I keep asking for direction here, for some synchronistic sign to help me decide what to do.  Could it be that my answer arrived in the form of a 1983 John Hughes comedy?

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