Tuesday, February 16, 2010

strawberry doom

Why did I have to just devour that leftover strawberry cream pie like it was fluffed air instead of an unnecessarily highly caloric dessert that will sit on my hips well into my trip to Florida for which we leave the day after tomorrow?

Why do I sabotage myself this way? It truly is one of the strangest things on my growing list of sleep-deprived habits.

I am sleep deprived because my son decided yesterday that his crib is an evil spot worthy of violent protest. After two hours of ear-drum shattering wails in the wee hours of morning every time I tried to sneak him back in, he finally conceded defeat and slept through my last attempt to deposit him into his crib without waking him. I did get to nap for about an hour this afternoon, but since then, I've felt groggy and headachy. One thing led to another, and those things culminated in my absent-minded consumption of pie. At least the leftovers are gone and there's no danger of a repeat offense tomorrow.

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