Sunday, February 14, 2010


Jacob cried and cried today, every time I tried to put him to bed. Even though he was clearly exhausted (or maybe because of that), he just couldn't fall asleep without my help. Each time, I either nursed him to sleep, or rocked him until he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. Poor guy. What's going on with him? I'm starting to wonder if he's actually ready for solids yet. Maybe it's all too much for his little system to handle. Or maybe he's just having an off day, I guess.

Once he did fall asleep, I invited my parents to stay over and watch "Raising Arizona" with me. Oddly, my dad has recently decided that he's into the Coen Brothers, I think because he just saw "A Serious Man" on the airplane, and loved it. Since then, he can't stop talking about them. Anyway, I figured he should watch the movie that started it all. Unfortunately, he seemed to have trouble understanding some of the dialogue because of H.I. and Ed's accents... and missing any dialogue in that movie is tragic. It's unfortunate. Plus, my mother got hung up on the fact that Leonard Smalls was only a figment of H.I.'s imagination; how come everybody else could see him. It was tough trying to explain that one to her.  It's like trying to get someone who's never seen a metaphor to appreciate a poem.  Not totally sure that the Coen brothers deserve that analogy, but I'd be easily convinced.

It was weird watching that movie as a parent... I think it may have changed how much I could sit back and enjoy it. I couldn't stop worrying about the baby.

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