Thursday, February 11, 2010

barley cereal

Today I started Jacob on barley cereal. I find this new world of spoon-feeding to be incredibly fun. I get to watch my little guy taste simple everyday things for the very first time (how extraordinary is that? Think about it!). I get to see his face when something doesn't strike his fancy (like the life-brand trivitamins I tried to give him today but gave up on out of pity for the poor guy). I get to watch his face get crusty with caked-on mush and observe how little he cares that creamed rice icicles are hanging stiffly from the tip of his nose. Then, I get to watch his entire demeanour change when I bring out the wet cloth to clean him up. How funny that he would gladly go about the rest of his day all stiff with dried up mush all over him. God, I love him!

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