Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm sick and miserable.  It's perhaps the warmest April 1st on record ever in this city, and I've been holed up in my house just trying to get through the day.  My illness, oddly enough, started with a crook in my neck.  It actually shouldn't be that odd to me, since the giving out of random (crucial) body parts is traditionally what alerts me to the fact that something is about to go terribly wrong with the state of my health.  You'd think that being pressed into a semi-permanent "L" shape from crippling back pain would be the worst of whatever ails me, but there's always some other surprise lurking around the corner.  I rationalize that it's my body's way of making sure that I actually take the rest that I'm going to need to get through the storm and emerge healthy. The last time my back went out like that, it turned out I was pregnant.

Anyway, neck pain is dreadful.  It's like there's a sinister little string of nerve linking your neck to EVERY SINGLE muscle in your upper body, and any time you move anything above your wrist, the pain shoots up like a surprise bolt of lightning.

I am such a hurtbag.

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